BOSE LogoHow fabulous, amazing quality sound via Wi-Fi.  Long gone are the days of tape desks, twisting those cassette reels to get to the beginning of a song using your finger.  Did anyone ever do that other than me?
We have just spent about 5 minutes installing this very amazing swanky new music system at #RainbowBiz and I can tell you it may look physically small, but I have not heard such amazing clarity of sound for some time.  There is absolutely no distortion or vibration from the amazing “box” that is known as the Bose SoundTouch 20. WOW!

Of course our first tune to be blasted out had to be Falling Up by the one and only Melissa Etheridge, the lady rocks with amazing sound quality here at #RainbowBiz now, it brought a huge smile to us all.

All we need to do now, is work out how to operate iTunes effectively, it’s always seemed a bit of a black art to me.  Perhaps I can blog again when I’ve worked out the iTunes art!  Any handy links?

Remember, love life, music and yourself 🙂