That is a very good question for us all to ask ourselves, don’t you think? What do we do? What are we trying to achieve?

I have to admit we are rather good at self analysis here at Rainbow Biz, it’s something we pride ourselves on. We are able to constructively assess situations and work together to look at finding solutions and best practice, which is right for those we are working with.  Our backgrounds are very different which has empowered us with an array of skills to utilise on a daily basis.  From a lorry driver, to lecturer, social worker, carer and now …. how can we describe ourselves …. community activists perhaps?

It seems incredible to think only a few hours ago I was chatting to a friend the other side of the world.  I call him a friend, but we’ve never met, isn’t it amazing what social media has done over the years to help people connect.

Boy George Culture Club Singer SelfieWould you believe this selfie came about purely by chance and yes Boy George knew who we were all because of Twitter!  We have a very similar experience with Melissa Etheridge too, oh and then there was the interview with Andy Bell.  All of these interactions made possible due to the power of the online social media platforms that we are now using daily as the main drive for our business.  Offering support and advice through our social media packages.

So “what do we do”, we hope that we help others primarily and enjoy life.

What do you do?