TheWord Company of Performers
It’s official…Connah’s Quay has been chosen to participate in a unique, all-community arts focused experience called TheWord and the whole community has the opportunity to be at the heart of it.


Clwyd Theatr Cymru Theatre for Young People, known as the ‘Artists@Work’ Team, are bringing this innovative, community-focused project to the community of Connah’s Quay. TheWord allows theatre, music and the arts to be brought right to the doorstep of the community.

TheWord will be launched on Tuesday 20th January with events happening across Connah’s Quay throughout the day.

TheWord will be everywhere from 20th January until 13th February, bringing both the weird and the wonderful in the form of performances, workshops and installations that will engage, amuse and surprise – in shops, on the streets, through the park, by the road side and at the schools, we’ll be visible throughout the community of Connah’s Quay. Expect the unexpected…

Cllr Peter Tinman, Chair of Connah’s Quay Town Council said:  “We believe that this project will kick start a process of bringing people of all ages and backgrounds together and through hearing their voices and releasing their creativity a new energy and focus around the community will be born”

TheWord want to hear the voice of the community! Visual artists, live musicians, actors and world class break dancers (to name a few) will be around and about the community, putting on performances that are designed to generate and inspire feedback, words and stories. If a poem is sent to us via Twitter @youngclwyd #TheWord or even just a short sentence, these may be performed in the form of a song, a rap, a monologue, a limerick, or it may even become a mini play?

Tim Baker, the Director of the project said: “I’m very excited about this totally unique project and I’d like to ask the community of Connah’s Quay to stay alert and look out for us because you never know… we may be just around the corner. We’re easy to spot because as you can see, we have a slightly unusual uniform…so if you see us in our red and blue boiler suits, don’t be shy – come and talk to us!”

For the community of Connah’s Quay, it’s time to speak up. If you’ve got something to say? Just say it!

Clwyd Theatr Cymru Theatre for Young People is an Arts Council of Wales Revenue Funded Organisation. TheWord project is funded by the Arts
Council of Wales, Welsh Government and The National Lottery.

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