Last night we received a very exciting message from Inclusive Networks, saying that “Network Buzz” was going live last night in addition to their very professional website.  We were asked during the summer whether we could contribute and commit to a regular column in the new Network Buzz magazine which was in its early stages.  We have been so busy since launching Rainbow Biz, supporting so many initiatives, taking part in a number of interviews and discussions, and gathering momentum on our social media management. We now have a number of clients who we produce regular social media updates for, this is an invaluable service for some organisations who need a web presence but simply do not have the time to communicate their ethos and values on a daily basis.  We value ourselves professionally on being able to tailor our support to individuals and organisations.  Each organisation is so different and social media should reflect this.

We have started blogging recently, this is to enable us to reflect on our practice a little more and to learn more about ourselves.  Writing about what we do is pretty difficult, but we will endeavour to work at it.  Life has been full of hurdles recently with building work continuing around us as we still have to live and work.  There is now an end in sight, so only reorganisation of all our belongings , both personal and work related is required…. this is the exciting bit right?  Our dogs and especially our cat will appreciate the house being a calmer place without sounding a little like a building yard, the cat has provisionally moved out during the day until he sees the builders have gone for the night!

Over the next few months we will be looking forward to talking to many interesting people, looking for more content for our Rainbow Biz column.  Keep us in mind if you have any exciting things going on, who knows we might want to include you in future stories 🙂

On Facebook we have now started a Rainbow Biz group, this is to enable our friends and followers to receive more regular updates and to interact more easily.  Please feel free to join us, more people=more fun 🙂