road-sign-464655_1280Well what can I say about spam! It’s annoying, time wasting and… well… pointless.

It is with sadness that here at #RainbowBiz we have turned off the comments facility on our blogs due to spam.  Even though our strict website maintenance does not allow any spam to filter through to you, the reader, we do end up spending several minutes each day working our way through spam comments on our blogs.  As our workload increases daily, this is becoming more of an issue to manage and we have now decided the best way to combat this wasted time is to stop the comments feature on all our blogs from today.  We want to thank all of you who have previously commented directly on our blogs and those of you who have made comments through email, Facebook and Twitter.

There are also a large number of readers who don’t comment on what they have read, but they certainly take in what #RainbowBiz are doing, as comments are made during meetings and in passing, sometimes even when we are not present!

We have some fabulous guest blogs lined up for you to read over the forthcoming months, you never know, you might have seen some of them on TV, hint hint!

rainbow_biz_social_enterpriseMeanwhile, thank you for the continued support on Facebook and Twitter, we always love your interaction on our social media platforms.

If you would like to comment on any of our blogs, feel free to drop us an email to and we can look at posting that up on your behalf.

Together we can beat these spammers!