rainbowbiz_mistychance_bar21_geekquizA big hello to our community and LGBT friends. I’ve always been synonymous with game shows and quizzes in Manchester, starting nearly 6 years ago with ‘Blankety Blank’ at AXM club. These days i currently present both a themed Monday night quiz at Tribeca and a Thursday night gay version of Family Fortunes at Iconic Bar. For 2015 i will be adding another quiz event to my calendar and it will be a first for me in a couple of ways. First of all, i will be mixing business with pleasure and the new quiz will revolve around all things ‘Geek’ and ‘Cult’, from Sci-Fi to classic movie genres, to real science and gaming. Anybody who follows my social media sites will know that I’m a regular convention goer and self professed member Geek of  fandom including Space exploration, myths, conspiracies and pop culture. The second difference will be that this quiz will take place in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, a popular student haunt where free expression runs wild and alternative hair colours and apparel are common place. Bar 21, the host venue, has recently benefited from a full overhaul and refurb and now features other great entertainment events like their Monday night ‘Geek social’, a dedicated games night for those who enjoy spending time in cyber space fighting with Avatars.

My new ‘Big Geek Quiz’ starts on Tuesday February the 3rd, Bar 21, 10 Thomas St, M4 1DH

Lets hope this new quiz goes with a ‘Big Bang’, in Theory, it should be quite fascinating.



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