RainbowBiz_Hate_CrimeCommencing on Saturday, 10th October, Hate Crime Awareness Week aims to:

  • raise awareness of what Hate Crime is;
  • encourage reporting, and;
  • promote local support services and resources.

The under reporting of Hate Crime remains a challenge. We want everyone to understand the impact of hate crime and pledge to help eradicate it and so during Hate Crime Awareness Week Public Bodies in North Wales, supported by Welsh Government, will be working together on a regional awareness raising campaign.

Hate crime is a crime against an individual based on their identity or their perceived difference. Victims may have been bullied, harassed or abused because of who they are, their sexual orientation, gender, religion, ethnicity or lifestyle choice. The crime may be verbal abuse, offensive graffiti, threats, damage to property, assault, cyber bullying, abusive texts, emails or phone calls.

If you think you are, or have been a victim of a hate crime or incident, if you witness a hate crime or incident, or think someone you know is a victim then please don’t ignore it.

Report it by calling North Wales Police on 101 (999 in the case of an emergency) or Victim Support’s FREE 24 hour helpline on 0300 30 31 982 or report online at www.reporthate.victimsupport.org.uk