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RainbowBiz CIC saved from closure after £10k ‘lifeline’

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A social enterprise that works with the most marginalised members of the North Wales community has been saved from closure after receiving £10,000 in emergency funding.

RainbowBiz CIC were facing a financial crisis after Covid-19 forced them to close their Hippy Shop in Mold, which used 100 per cent of its profits to sustain the work of the social enterprise.

With no money coming in staff feared they would have to end their work until the Steve Morgan Foundation gave them a £10,000 ‘lifeline’ to help them through the worst of the crisis.

The money will enable them to sustain the RainbowBiz Hippy Shop in Mold for the next three months and carry on working with their most vulnerable members.

RainbowBiz CIC director Sue Oliver said: “When Covid-19 struck our first thought was with the people we support.  We were forced to shut our Hippy Shop and were faced with the prospect of having to close the enterprise completely.

“Our work had previously been recognised by the Steve Morgan Foundation so we applied for financial assistance as part of their Covid-19 Emergency Fund and they awarded us £10,000. It was such a relief.”

Sarah Way, director and Hippy Shop manager said: “Not only is the shop our trading arm where we make money for our projects, it is also a gathering place for groups, volunteers, holistic therapists and our regular customers who we love to chat with.

“I am so relieved and humbled by this funding from the Steve Morgan Foundation that will keep our lovely shop from closing permanently.  The future looks bright again for us.”

The social enterprise will also be able to continue contacting members, including their weekly online social meet-up so people can socialise despite being housebound.

Steve Morgan, founder of the Steve Morgan Foundation, said: “Last year RainbowBiz CIC won the Best Entrepreneurial Social Enterprise Award at the Steve Morgan Foundation Awards for the work they do with the most marginalised members of the community.”

“Many of these people are extremely isolated and rely on projects like RainbowBiz  for social interaction and routine. That’s why we stepped in now so they can continue their good work when they’re needed the most.”

Morgan has committed to give £1m a week for an initial 12 weeks to charities in North Wales, Merseyside and Cheshire to help them carry on working with the vulnerable during Covid-19.

Digging Deeside Social Gardening Project

Sarah Way, Director of RainbowBiz CIC and Project Co-ordinator of the social gardening project Digging Deeside.

One of the regular groups, a social gardening project called Digging Deeside is now running a lockdown growing project called Let’s Grow Together.  This is to promote positive wellbeing, food sustainability and encourage everyone in the community to get involved.  Short videos are being shared of progress of seeds which are being grown and photographs which members of the community are being encouraged to send it which are then shared for everyone to see.  This is giving lots of inspiration and focus to the community who may not have grown anything from seed before. If you would like to get involved, please take a look at the Digging Deeside facebook page, you can also email your photographs and videos to info@rainbowbiz.org.uk  Let’s Grow Together!

George House Trust’s Drag Ball 2015

You may remember we attended Manchester Pride last year in support of George House Trust, a fabulous charity based in Manchester that we still hold in close regard.  RainbowBiz also raised a staggering £500 for George House Trust with the help of Andy Bell from Erasure and the fantastic online support that each and every one of you offer us.  You can read below a press release from George House Trust which details their latest fundraiser, please feel free to share this with all your friends!

RainbowBiz LimitedWe’re delighted to announce that George House Trust is hosting its first ever Drag Ball, as part of our 30th Anniversary events.  The Drag Ball will be at the Freemason’s Hall on Saturday 18th July and tickets are £20, the price includes cava on arrival and canapes.

The aim of this ball is to fundraise, to raise awareness and to formally celebrate our City and its vibrant drag scene.  This event is the first of its kind in the country, combining the genres of cabaret and alternative drag under one roof.  We’re extremely excited about our Ball and hope that you are able to join us for an evening of unique performances and special guests.

Tickets are available to buy online from http://www.ght.org.uk/dragball .  You will also be able to purchase any additional tickets on behalf of your friends or guests who you want to join you on the night.  The venue has a limited capacity and tickets are sold on a first come first served basis.

Finally, any support you can give us around promoting this event on social media and through your networks would be very much appreciated.

Best wishes,


Susie Baines
Marketing and Community Fundraising Coordinator

E susie@ght.org.uk
T 0161 274 4499
F 0161 274 3355
W www.ght.org.uk

Basix Wrestling

We have been to see the fabulous Basix Wrestling team several times now!  Every performance they give is an explosive fun filled one, that engages full audience participation.  We asked them to share some more information with us about what they do… see their blog below.

Do you, your child or someone you know love wrestling and are looking to become one?

Basix Wrestling are a wrestling organisation based in North Wales and do live shows across Wales and the UK and have been for the past 10 years.  We now have a training school opened at DL Fitness based in Connah’s Quay where qualified and experienced wrestlers who work on professional shows will teach you the ins and outs of wrestling, including break falls to body slams, cross bodies to cross faces, hurracarranas to powerbombs, ring presence and performance.

Banner New

The wrestling trainers include: ‘Iron Man’ Mike Roberts (head trainer), Dazzling Danny Valentine, Tony Bond, Rockgod 50 and Jonny Blaze!!

Opening hours are:
Tuesday – 5.30pm-7.30pm
Thursday juniors/seniors – 5.00pm-7.00pm/7.00pm-9.00pm
Sunday – 10.00am-12.00pm

Any gender or age are welcome.

Hard work and a good attitude and passion will then lead you to perform on Basix live shows, we are always looking for someone new to join the Basix roster.

Our shows are always fun for the workers and the audience, we welcome all ages of fans and the Basix crew are always determined to deliver an explosive performance for the viewers as each show involves something different every time. At the end of the night the wrestlers come from back stage to sign autographs on the merchandise such as posters that we sell, chat and pose for photos.

Our next show will be Saturday 25th of April, at the Coedpoeth Parish Hall 7:00pm Doors, Bell time at 7:30pm so please spread word to see some amazing wrestlers perform and family friendly entertainment – all for you.

For more info please feel free to comment, or Contact Us direct!rainbowbiz_basixtrain

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Angelman Syndrome

We recently met Cheryl online via Twitter, another one of our fabulous followers who regularly retweets us and engages with us.  She happened to mention her Charity Evening coming up on 5th May in Chester, Cheshire.  The charity night is being held in Telfords Warehouse in Chester and there will be live music from Tiro Lark and lots of great raffle prizes.  To find out more and get your tickets for this event please visit the official Nurses for Angels facebook page.  You can also call Dani on 07703 527170 for more information. We felt compelled to ask more about Cheryl, her family life and her campaigning to raising awareness of Angelman syndrome, she very kindly wrote the following blog for us.

Jack!This time last year, we had the devastating news (at the time) that our son has Angelman syndrome. This syndrome is very rare, with less than 1000 cases in the UK. There is little awareness here and I have been trying to change that! I think it was like therapy for me, instead of getting depressed, I got proactive! I soon joined twitter and have gained many followers.. however I kept feeling I needed to do more.


Angelman syndrome is a neuro genetic disorder affecting chromosome 15.. Jack (my son) has the most severe form as he is classed as deletion rather than mutation (part of the chromosome is missing, rather than abnormal).  This tiny thing causes severe learning difficulties, epilepsy, poor balance, many never talk or speak just a few words and many never walk. I am hopeful for Jack and I will always stay positive for him. The plus side is he is very happy, laughs at the slightest stimulation and loves life.. his bond with dad and granddad and of course me is so lovely to see. He communicates in his own way and is absolutely beautiful.

Jack!Last year I did the Wirral walk and raised £2000  for the UK charity ASSERT, this charity has helped us a lot, I have also found another supportive organisation in America. FAST was set up by the mother of a child with Angelman and she has helped raiser millions for research and truly believes in a cure.

I do accept Jack is who he is and I would hate to change him, rather unlock the doors for him so to speak.
Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, and after being off sick from work as jack was having up to 10 seizures a day..this is also part of his condition and it really knocked me and his dad for 6 seeing him like that, the first time I felt truly helpless since diagnosis, my colleagues came to visit me with a bunch of flowers and (nurses for angels) was born! They are nurses working in the Chester area, and have been absolutely amazing, giving up their free time organising our event, contacting everyone and anyone, setting up facebook and twitter page, getting a great band, creating flyers and tickets.. I could go on! They really are angels and I am so overwhelmed by all of the support for our jack.

Jack and mum!


The money raised will go to jacks specialist school in flint Ysgol Pen Coch, a truly wonderful school that are so amazing with our children of varying abilities.. I really hope I can help them as they have helped us so much xx



I honestly think that Jack is the reason I am supposed to be here, I cant even remember my life before him, but I am sure it must have been pretty boring!

Cheryl xxx

Follow Cheryl on Twitter @fishflash1 and @NursesFor

Please like and share the official Nurses for Angels Facebook page

Andy Bell Interview Success

Andy Bell

Thanks to all who supported us to raise money for George House Trust!

Back in June, 2014 we approached Andy Bell (Erasure) for an interview to discuss everything from his recent projects to his personal life. Andy chose 3 songs written by other artists and 6 songs written by himself to be included in the interview. We interviewed Andy through Skype, he was in Miami, and we were in North Wales.  As you can probably imagine we were pretty starstruck.  He is an amazingly humble, generous man and gave up over an hour of his time for us.George House Trust

The interview was put up online for donations to a charity close to our hearts.  We were overwhelmed at people’s generosity and kindness, because after all we are not Michael Parkinson, or Radio 1.

We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who kindly donated to George House Trust.  People have been really generous, and we are so grateful for this help to raise money for the charity.   The total amount raised was £500 which will go towards supporting HIV Positive people in the North West.


Susie Baines the Marketing and Community Fundraising Coordinator for George House Trust said “Every penny raised through people donating to the Andy Bell interview will go into George House Trust’s Welfare Fund, which provides vital one of grants, for essential items for people living with HIV, who are experiencing financial hardship.  We are really grateful to Sue and Sarah, as well as Andy Bell for giving permission for his interview to be used for fundraising purposes.  Most of all, we would especially like to thank everyone who generously donated to this fundraiser.”

Andy Bell embarked on “The Violet Flame” tour with Erasure for several weeks last year, we travelled up to Manchester Apollo to see them for the first time.  The night was made even more special as our  friends from “Shelter” were playing too.  Shelter were the official support band for Erasure for several dates across Europe.  Shelter also wrote and  produced the album “iPOP” with Andy Bell.  The gig was really special and we had a great view from the front row of the Apollo.  We didn’t stop dancing and singing all night, if you didn’t get the chance to see them on their tour, we do recommend that you should see them next time around!

[meteor_slideshow slideshow=”erasureshelter”]

We do hope you enjoyed the interview and hope you learnt a little about Andy Bell and Erasure that you didn’t know.  Andy even sent us a little thank you message!

If you didn’t get around to hearing the interview first time around, then click here to hear it now. Let us know what you think, and feel free to share with your friends.

Don’t forget you can follow Andy Bell on Twitter @AndyBell_info

Take a look at his website www.andybell.com


Manchester Dogs’ Home

mdhlogoWe are shocked and devastated by the loss of lives of more than 40 dogs last night at Manchester Dogs’ Home. We have 2 beautiful dogs ourselves, and recently lost 2 to Rainbow Bridge due to old age (17 and 18 years). We have heard of amazing acts of bravery by 2 men who went in and managed to save over 40 dogs from the flames. We owe so much gratitude and respect to these people, Manchester Fire Brigade and charity workers.
If you can donate to support the surviving dogs, and to help rebuild the dog’s home PLEASE CLICK HERE TO DONATE.

Melissa Etheridge sent us a video!

American rock star, gay activist and Grammy winner Melissa Etheridge helped us produce a promotional video for Chester Pride 2014.   During our time as Directors and Social Media Co-ordinators for Chester Pride we simply asked Melissa if she would help us promote the event by producing a short clip to show her support.  We were both absolutely overwhelmed when she agreed and as soon as we received her video clip we set to work on producing the short promotional video you can see below.  We were also honoured that she agreed to let us use her recently single “Uprising of Love” as a backing track.

If you would like a promotional video made for your event, charity or business then get in touch with us.  We do love a challenge!  Email us here any time.


Andy Bell Interview Fundraiser


We are nearly at our halfway point with our fundraising for George House Trust.  Please help us to continue to reach our goal by following this link to make a small donation and then you will be emailed a code which will let you listen to our fantastic interview with Andy Bell.  We talked about so much with him in an entertaining and positive way, he talked about his work with Erasure, his private life and his own health issues.

We really appreciate your support, thank you, Sue and Sarah x